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H. A. R. T. (Helping All Recovery Together)
On November 6, 2005, substantial damage was done by a tornado that hit Munfordville, Kentucky in the early morning hours. Much confusion and many lives were disrupted at this time.  Many disaster organizations as well as faith based organizations initially came to the rescue. Once the initial assessments and emergencies were handled, there were still those who needed help that these organizations were unable to provide. Out of this necessity, monies were collected from the community to help out the individuals that were left behind with unmet needs.

H.A.R.T., Inc. (Helping All Recover Together) was organized as a post disaster organization. Dedicated volunteer men and women from the community set up this organization to help with these unmet needs. After evaluating the needs of this remnant of person’s still needing aid, 11 persons were assisted with some financial aid. H.A.R.T., Inc also was able to train 13 case workers with the help of other disaster groups at this time to assist in further disasters if the need arises.

The purpose of H.A.R.T., Inc. a non profit, tax exempt organization, is to assist in the long term recovery process after disasters have occurred and the charities that provide immediate assistance leave the area. H.A.R.T., Inc. also serves as the post disaster recovery team of volunteers to address any unmet needs of those without resources or limited resources in the community to help them rebuild their lives, especially the frail, children, the handicapped and the economically disadvantaged.

The mission of H.A.R.T., Inc. (Helping All Recover Together) is:

  1. To plan and help with long term recovery

  2. To promote and supplement disaster training 

  3. To identify unmet disaster needs and coordinate available resources to meet those needs

  4. To perform post-disaster duties to meet the needs of local individuals.

  5. To assist other agencies in meeting the long term needs of area residents.

 Schedule of 2009 H.A.R.T., Inc Board Meetings

January 19, 2009

April 20, 2009

July 20, 2009

October 19, 2009

All board meetings take place at 6 pm CST at the First United Methodist Church located at 421 Hardyville Road in Munfordville, Kentucky. Everyone is welcome.

We would like to encourage you to attend one of our meetings and help make a difference in your community. New members are always welcome and if you are unable to serve perhaps you could make a financial contribution to H.A.R.T., Inc. Your donation is tax deductable.

2009 H. A. R. T. Inc, Board Members


Netoshia Ballard
534 Guthrie St.
Horse Cave, KY  42749

Benny Bradley (Treasurer)
205 Liberty Schoolhouse Road
Hardyville, KY  42746

Howard Brown
356 Sam Goodman Road
Munfordville, KY  42765

Shirley Dye
P. O. Box 172
Bonnieville, KY  42713

Dewayne Forbis
P. O. Box 98
Horse Cave, KY  42749

Mary Humphrey (Secretary)
2024 Wright Lane
Bonnieville, KY  42713

John Johnson
511 Norht Hubbard St.
Munfordville, KY  42765

Paul Linder (Vice Chairperson)
299 Dogwood Lane
Munfordville, KY  42765

Donnie Thompson
100 Circle Drive
Horse Cave, KY  42749

Phillip Trent (Chairperson)
5370 Bunnell Crossing Rd
Hardyville, KY  42746

You may contact us through any of our board members or by mail:

H.A.R.T., Inc. (Helping All Recover Together)

P.O. Box 1009

Munfordville, KY 42765