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Hart County is served by a county judge/executive and five magistrates each serving four-year terms.  The county has three incorporated cities:  Munfordville (county seat), Horse Cave, and Bonnieville.  Hart County is included in Senate District 5, and in House District 19, and in Kentucky's Second Congressional District.    


The area code for all numbers below is (270):



City of Bonnieville  531-3212
City of Horse Cave  786-2680
City of Munfordville 524-5701
Circuit Court Judges Chamber 524-5135
Community Aciton of Southern KY 524-0224
County Attorney 524-2547
Department for Social Services 524-7111
Department for Employment Services 524-0321
District Court 524-2591
Hart County Adult Education 524-1267
Hart County Ambulance Service 524-7272
Hart County Building Inspector 524-1782
Hart County Circuit Clerk 524-5181
Hart County Conservation District 524-5631
Hart County Court Clerk 524-2751
Hart County Disaster & Emergency Services (office) 524-2832
Hart County Farm Services 524-5631
Hart County Health Department 524-2511
Hart County Jail 524-2571
Hart County Judge Executive 524-5219
Hart County Literacy Program 524-1267
Hart County Migrant Education Center 524-2709
Hart County Occupational License Administrator 524-3507
Hart Co. Property Valuation Administrators 524-2321
Hart County Public Library 524-1953
Hart County Rescue Squad 524-5343
Hart County Road Dept. 524-5095
Hart County Sheriff 524-2341
Hart County Solid Waste

Hart County Tourist Commission


Hart County Treasurer




Lifeskills Counseling Center 524-9883
Munfordville Tourism Commission 524-4752
UK Cooperative Extension Office 524-2451
Salvation Army 528-7707